Here are what others are saying when asked about the strengths of Randy Booth:

“Let us thank you for the catch up. We appreciate the fact you are so easy to talk to. Thank you for the confidence you instill in us in our conversations and in the work you do. It makes us feel very comfortable having you as our financial advisor. You are so prompt and courteous and we are so thankful for all your great advice. ”
- Carle and Vickie Merriam

“Very available when needed” - Hank Kroeker

“Positive and personable” - Ingrid & Tyler Kerr

“Reliable and trustworthy” - Tracy Janze

“Always on top of things” - Ken Britz
“Honesty and sincerity” - Helen Brown
“Honesty and integrity” - Karin Young

“Willingness to listen” - Ursula Swain

“Caring personality” -
Ken Dargatz

“He is very trustworthy and efficient” - Dan Springman

“Professionalism” - James Simmill

“Open communication and honesty” - Scott Savage

“His caring approach” - Delwen Stander

“Personable and trustworthy” - Greg Tweed

“His product and market knowledge as well as the professional manner in how he conducts business”
- Dave Roff

“Organization. For the first time ever we can say with confidence that we know exactly where we stand financially. From our mortgage, paper assets to retirement plan” - Chrstine Kendall

“Sincerity, product knowledge, understanding individuals goals” -
Fred & Sue Boonstra
“He is very knowledgeable, very good at finding out exactly what you need in your portfolio, very personable, all around a good guy whom I enjoy meeting and talking to”
- Lina Douglas

“He is enthusiastic and awesome at explaining new ideas” - Eric & Sandra Weiser

“His ability to communicate and explain things extremely clearing. You walk away with an understanding of your investments”
- Barbara Dyer
“Over the 8 years of having Randy as my financial advisor, I have found him to be very helpful, patient and trustworthy. I have recommended Randy to family and friends, and will continue to do so." -
Jane Brown
“Thank you Randy, We so enjoy our meetings with you. We come home and shake our heads and think wow, we are so grateful for you looking after us so well. ”
- Janice and Rob Stephens

Other Comments

  • “Authenticity”
  • “His ability to talk in layman's terms -his personality”
  • “Thoroughness”
  • “His ability to explain clearly the information that I need to have”
  • “Knowledge of his business”
  • “Personality”
  • “Honest”
  • “Replies to needs quickly”
  • “His knowledge about the Investments”
  • "Knowledgeable and Professional"
  • “Professionalism, confidentiality, very personable!”
  • “Knowledgeable & easy to talk to”
  • “His ability to explain the concepts”
  • “His ability to explain what exactly it is he is doing and why”
  • “Knowledge and willing to change with the market”
“I am very happy with the advice and service we receive from Randy. Perhaps that he is very approachable and easy to discuss matters with” - Michelle Hall
“Randy is very courteous, extremely prompt and accommodating in returning any communication, he's knowledgeable and if there is any question about an issue, he will find out about it” -
Lynn Douglas

“Proactively Positive! Randy is totally on the mark with information and keeping me dialed in when he is wanting to suggest a change” - Matt Hill