There are 3 components of wealth creation that must be managed and applied:

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Asset Accumulation
  3. Debt Elimination

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the cornerstone of creating and sustaining personal wealth. It is simply a function of maximizing income and minimizing expenses. In our personal lives many believe you need to go on a financial diet... not so. It’s simply a function of paying less in interest and taxes to keep more money in your pocket. By simply restructuring your personal balance sheet, you can often generate immediate positive cash flow and often create an additional stream of passive, monthly income. This cash flow is applied to dramatically build your wealth.

Asset Accumulation

Building wealth is easy. All one needs to do is simply buy assets. Once you have gathered enough assets, you can stop working and begin enjoying life. This is called financial independence. The problem is that most Canadians do not know what an Asset is. Even worse, they continue to accumulate what they think are assets, but are actually liabilities! I will show you how to identify and instantly begin accumulating assets to significantly increase your wealth over time, without sacrificing lifestyle.

Debt Elimination

Most Canadians do not recognize the difference of Bad Debt vs. Good Debt. Nor do they understand the power that prudently used Good Debt may have on increasing your wealth. However, debt of any kind may reduce/burden your lifestyle if you drag that debt into your retirement. Today, personal debt in Canada has reached an all time high! By simply adjusting your monthly cash flow, you may discover how to accelerate your debt elimination process... without sacrificing lifestyle. My approach to building and protecting wealth helps you pay less to the banks and government, keeping more money in your pocket to grow your riches, without sacrificing lifestyle. You will be happier that your financial stress is relieved and moving towards building wealth. You can focus on the things that are most important to you!